Mary O'Leary


Redemption, 2023

Mary O'Leary

  • Video
  • Statement

    Through my current art practice, I want to portray my experiences of being affected by addiction from an abstract point of view. Using video as my primary exploration medium I hope to explore my experiences of these issues using objects and models in my video work in an effort to portray these sociological and domestic issues and using four main colours to represent the emotions that are not being spoken aloud using props and the character's clothing.

    Red (anger, passion, excitement, energy, power, danger.)
    Black (power, sophistication, mystery, fear, unhappiness, depth, sadness, anger)
    Blue (freedom, faith, loyalty, peace, calm, stability, trust, truth, security, depression)
    White (love, purity, simplicity, peace, innocence, youth, birth, good)

    My aim for my practice is to explore and investigate issues around addiction in society. I aim to represent these issues in an ethical manner, exploring the damaging effects addiction has in social and domestic culture today.